To The City of El Segundo


Soup Bar Fans Everywhere

It is with great sorrow and regret we must announce that The Soup Bar has closed its doors here in El Segundo. Sadly, Friday, October 31st was our last day in business.

 We have pained over this decision for a long time and have worked tirelessly to try 

to avoid this drastic a step. As many of you are aware we actually made efforts

this year to try to expand in the hope that the ‘economy of scale’ would help

stabilize things for us. But in the end the effects of one of the hottest and

driest years on record, combined with increased operating expenses across

the board, has simply proved too much for us to bear and we have no

choice but to say farewell.

For the last 4 years, opening and operating The Soup Bar has been a labor

of love for us and, even during the tough times, it is something we tried to

approach with energy, passion, creativity and good will. We have no regrets.

We send our heartfelt thanks, appreciation, and apologies out to all of you

“Soup Peeps”; the loyal customers, fans, and friends who have helped make

The Soup Bar everything we imagined it could be… everything it has become.

We will miss you above of all!


 Peace, Love, Great Soup, and Good-Bye…  

 Michelle & Peter McKinney

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